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Blue's your hue, you tiny thing

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Brittany - aka Cherry

I'm Brittany and I'm kinda cool. I'm basically a hair dye junkie and my hair has been styled/colored more times then Bush pissed off America. If you want to impress me, do a trick. I watch stupid, unrealistic shows and movies like 'Land of the Lost', and I believe that MST3K was the best show ever invented. I'm a democrat, humanitarian, and animal rights activist. I love arguing and if you can beat me at a debate, then I'll buy you a Jones Soda. I can't stand the uneducated and dim-witted. Also, I can't stand know-it-alls that don't really know it all. And if you're going to reference 'South Park' in an argument that doesn't have anything to do with 'South Park', then I believe you should be euthanized. Oh yeah, did I mention that I rock?

Likes +

Music and art are the biggest parts of my life.

Family and friends rule my world

And anything that will make me think

Oh yeah, and Harry Potter

Dislikes -

Twilight and the preteens that come with it
Hate in all of it's forms
Bad movies
Fake people
Idiots and morons
Good guys always winning
Seeing people get hurt
and nosey people

Ear Candy

The Beatles, Eve 6, La Dispute, ABBA, eminem, Zombina and the Skeletones, Walter Meego, Cher, The Cars, buckcherry, Cindi Lauper, Colin Hay, The Cranberries, The Misfits, New Found Glory, Bowling for soup, The dandy warhols, Dashboard Confessional, The Distillers, Against Me!, Domino, The Doors, The Donnas, Dr. Acula, The Eagles, Fastball, Dethklok, Finger 11, Fiona Apple, Iwrestledabearonce, As I Lay Dying, Black Dahlia Murder, Jeffree Star, The Fratellis, Left Over Crack, The Gits, Garbage, Green Day, Guster, Guy Clark, Britney Spears, Hole, Iggy Pop, Jason Mraz, Keely Smith, Katy Perry, Sixx A.M., Kiss, Korn, Slipknot, Lag Wagon, Letter Kills, Less than Jake, me first and the gimme gimmes, Linkin park, Lustra, Ludo, Aerosmith, KT Tunstall, The marvelettes, Matchbox 20, Matchbook Romance, Meiko Kaji, Malice Mizer, Mindy Smith, Millencolin, The Meteors, The Moody Blues, The Natalie Fight, NERD, MxPx, NoFX, Nancy Sinatra, No Doubt, OK Go, Paramore, Patsy Cline, Poison, Plus 44, Queen, The Raincoats, Rise Against, Santana, Sick Puppies, The Sleeping, Skid Row, Stairwell, Stephen Lynch, The Strokes, Supertramp, Superbus, TATU, Tenacious D, etc...


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